Spring 2024 Seminars

Newton, MA

Wu An Martial Arts – YMAA Wu An

Friday, March 29th: Shaolin White Crane

Boston, MA

YMAA Boston

Saturday, April 6: Taiji Symbol

Sunday, April 7: Qin Na

Andover, MA

YMAA Andover Tai Chi

Tuesday, April 9th: Taiji Basic Principles

Saturday, April 13: Taiji Sword

Sunday, April 14: Eight Pieces Medical Qigong & Four Seasons Medical Qigong

Indianapolis, IN

Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu

Saturday, April 20: Qin Na, counters, & Taiji Qin Na

Sunday, April 21: Four Seasons Qigong & Taiji Fighting Applications/Push Hands

Summer 2024 Seminars

at Yang Family Heights in northern California

Due to limited spaces available, we will accept 10-15 participants per week.




1) Seminars & Meals*

*All participants are responsible for helping with cooking & cleaning (no chef available)

2) Lodging (Weekly Rates)

Note: Images are for reference and do not show the actual setup. Each guest will sleep on a single bed.

*Camping: 3 occupancies available. Participants may share tents.

3) Daily Rates
4) Transportation

Driving Directions


2112 Ollivier Road, McKinleyville, CA 95519

  1. Follow the GPS to Ollivier Road but DO NOT turn onto Ollivier Road
  2. Turn right at the next road – Hooven Road
  3. Drive slowly (speed limit 5 mph). After about 1/2 mile on Hooven Rd, there will be 2 houses on the left. Don’t continue up Hooven Rd. Across from the second house, you will see the gate and sign for 2112 Ollivier Rd. Continue up the road.

If you lose your way, please call: (707) 502-8739

Cell phone service is spotty. You may have to go back out to Dows Prairie Rd to complete your call.


Refer to the cancellation policy in the Terms of Service.


    To complete your registration, you will be required make a deposit via PayPal. Please do not pay anything until you have you received an email from Dr. Yang confirming space and lodging availability.

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